Diamonds & Diamond Grading

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Course Instructor

Corlia Roberts Corlia Roberts Author

Corlia has 30 years of experience in the Diamond Industry. Corlia’s Qualifications and Training include: (GIA) Diamond Grading (GIA) Diamonds (GIA) Gem Identification (GIA) Colored stone Grading (GIA) Pearl Course (EGL) Diploma Diamonds (Tshwane University of Technology) Diploma Fashion Design

3 thoughts on “Diamonds & Diamond Grading”

  1. Moeneeb Arendse

    This course change my viewing towards diamond’s
    I really learned a lot and I know there’s still lot to learn
    I thank this course and those all involved for making this an opportunity for me to know a lot more about diamond’s
    Thank you very much
    Moeneeb Arendse

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