Rough Diamond Grading and Evaluation

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Examples of rough diamond crystals and parcels of rough are individually examined by students during the practical class

Course Instructor

Corlia Roberts Corlia Roberts Author

Corlia has 30 years of experience in the Diamond Industry. Corlia’s Qualifications and Training include: (GIA) Diamond Grading (GIA) Diamonds (GIA) Gem Identification (GIA) Colored stone Grading (GIA) Pearl Course (EGL) Diploma Diamonds (Tshwane University of Technology) Diploma Fashion Design

9 thoughts on “Rough Diamond Grading and Evaluation”

  1. Dear Sir/Madam,

    Thank you very much for the Rough diamond grading and evaluation course, it has provided me very important knowledge and skills about rough diamond and its evaluation. Once I have registered for licence trading, I intend to register for the next course.
    However, my request to the team is to check whether it is possible to provide us with notes or recommended book or whatever educational material relevant to our first course so as to enable us to remind ourselves where its necessary.

    Sentle Sikisi

  2. Ethel Phillips

    This is a very good and well structured lesson 1. I combined with you tube information from Corlia Roberts Diamond Institute on Rough Diamond Evaluation and GIA . Very Informative .

  3. Tebelelo Monkgatusi

    I am so grateful of your comprehensive and very informing rough Diamond grading and Valuation Course.
    I am empowered enough identify real diamonds , grade , value and price diamonds.

  4. Jacob Thebi Diphare

    Hi. Dear Admin. I’m hearing impaired. I was learned and readed a lesson rough diamond grading and evaluation course as that lessons many quiz the questions ask me answers. This is good a series of lesson make me like enjoy that course. Thank you for taught me a lessons.

  5. Abdussalaam Ibin Jika

    I’m so grateful to complete my first course in Rough Diamonds, Grading and Evaluation through Corlia Roberts Institute of Diamonds…Now i just only waiting for my Licence as an Authorised Representative Diamond Dealer. i hope to see you soon again for the next course thank you very much for every sufficient information you have provided me with.

  6. Jeremiah Mosiuoa Tshabangu

    woow, absolutely good information on start up so that when opening a diamond dealer, one can have more information that seller might not have…. tricky. i learned so much and happy looking forward to license my diamonds trade.

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