Rough Diamond Perspective Digital mini-course

Are you ready to embark on a extraordinary journey into the captivating world of diamonds?

Course Information

Welcome to our Rough Diamond Perspective Digital mini-course, an immersive digital journey that is aimed at helping deepen your understanding and appreciation of these mesmerizing diamonds. Throughout our course, you’ll explore diamonds from a kaleidoscope of perspectives. From their ancient origins forged deep within the Earth’s mantle to their elegant display on diamond trading floors.

Enroll today, and join us as we celebrate the legacy of the world’s most cherished and valuable gemstone

Course Instructor

Corlia Roberts Corlia Roberts Author

Corlia has 30 years of experience in the Diamond Industry. Corlia’s Qualifications and Training include: (GIA) Diamond Grading (GIA) Diamonds (GIA) Gem Identification (GIA) Colored stone Grading (GIA) Pearl Course (EGL) Diploma Diamonds (Tshwane University of Technology) Diploma Fashion Design

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